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2013 - 2014 Archives

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"Careers" by Janice Worthington

Janice Worthington’s "Careers" column is routinely praised by our readers for the value and insight it gives them on how to strategize and undertake their employment search.  The market intelligence she delivers and the practical benefits subscribers tell us they get from Janice are the reasons Business First has carried her column for 10 years.

Dominic Cappa
Columbus Business First

Janice and Jeremy give practical advice that people can act on to advance their careers. Regardless of the career stage you’re in, from the recent graduate just starting a serious job search, to the mid-career professional looking for his next career step, to the senior who’s looking for another challenge, their advice is concise, actionable and to the point.

J. Clarke Price, CAE
President & CEO Emeritus
Ohio Society of CPAs

"I was compelled to contact Janice Worthington after reading an article she wrote in Business First directed to job seekers that was quite insightful. Janice is extremely knowledgeable about the industry, operates from a high level of integrity, and is generous in sharing what she knows to positively impact clients. Janice currently serves as a highly engaged collaborative partner and career coach for the TechColumbus CareerTrack program."

Leslyn Wheeless,
Director, Membership Sales,

"CareerBoard is proud to endorse Janice Worthington and Worthington Career Services. Since 2004 Janice has been providing CareerBoard job seekers with job search advice, resume writing tips and interview guidance through her blog posts, articles, webinars and the “Ask a Career Coach” column. Janice is truly a wealth of information and is highly dedicated to her customers and partners making herself available 24/7. She is an excellent presenter and knows how to 'charge up' and engage an audience."

Shannon Cross
VP Marketing & Sales Support Services

"There are few people in the careers industry that have earned the recognition that Janice Worthington has - recognition as both a talented resume writer and job search strategist, as well as recognition as an innovator and leader in our industry. She has made substantial contributions to us and we applaud her."

Wendy Enelow,
Career Masters Institute & The Alliance

"Worthington's product integrity and client commitment are second to none. Savvy in both technique and methodology Worthington clients succeed in the toughest of markets. After more than three decades Worthington continues to be a leader in career management."

James Gonyea,
Internet Career Connection

Job Search/Interview Seminar - 3255 Brentwood Court; Powell, Ohio 43065
Sunday, July 28, 2019

Job Search/Interview Seminar - 3255 Brentwood Court; Powell, Ohio 43065
Sunday, August 25, 2019
Getting Your Career in Shape

This is the main time of year when we attempt to improve. Talk to any fitness center, stop-smoking clinic or career coach and they’ll all tell you how brisk business becomes once December ends.   We believe that when the clock strikes twelve, as it does 364 other evenings each year, everything changes and we become transformed into folks capable of immediate change.

I believe with good planning and reasonable expectations anyone can begin to shape up their careers. Here are some tips you can use this year to keep your career in shape:

  • Secure a new credential. This can be the year when you begin your MBA or other credential. Even if you have to take baby steps just to begin to add to your value, get started. The doldrums of winter disappear when we give purpose to improving our skills and knowledge. Don't be discouraged by the long road ahead in completing your program. Just getting and staying on that road will remind you that a destination of improvement is in your future.
  • Don't become a full time student. While many cannot afford to take a hiatus, those who can leave the job for a year or more tend not be as appealing when they return as those candidates with seamless employment records. While challenging, it’s far more admirable to prospective employers to secure an advanced degree while on the job. Remember this – another great job may not be as easy to retrieve at your convenience.
  •  Give yourself a promotion. Seek to learn a new skill with the employer you currently have. You don't need to change jobs to increase your value if you increase the functions you perform on the job. Am I suggesting that you take on even more work? Yes, if you can leverage it as an additional future offering. Always keep in mind those required specifications for that promotion of new job. Never miss an opportunity to gain future value.
  • Keep your business clean. Recently at a networking event I inquired about an individual no longer with a company and proceeded to get an earful about all the wrongdoing that allegedly caused what I learned was a termination. While the terminated executive's story was less than impressive, more revealing was the poor judgment of the messenger. Word spreads when individuals gossip and no one ever forgives a person who takes pleasure in the misfortune of others. Word spreads about toxic individuals and I have seen them rejected for hire.
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